The whole world,

Our mission is to enable people to harness
the power of computing everywhere.

Computing is one of the greatest revolutions in human history. Yet, it remains out of reach for half the planet. We created Endless OS – a free and robust computing solution – so people everywhere have access to relevant information and technology.

Our goal is to build a global platform for digital literacy.

What happens when a billion people get computers?

Our Research

Endless products have been designed with our users in emerging markets. Over years of research, we encountered thousands of ways in which today's technology fails to meet the needs of our users. We keep our ear to the ground to ensure that what we build does.

Our Team

We are small, but global, with our feet planted in 17 countries. We’ve assembled a world-class team across design, software, hardware, and operations – united in one goal to make computing available for users everywhere.

Be part of our team. Explore Endless Opportunities.

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